Friday, October 3, 2008

Chemo Day

Hi All!
Well, Tuesday was chemo day again-gemzar and carboplatin. I'm trying hard to come up with an interesting story about my chemo experience but there really isn't one. The treatment itself was pretty routine--as routine as it can be to have bottles of poison sent through your veins. I did meet another woman , Gail, traveling the same path as me-also on gemzar/carbo, so we were able to chat a bit and share side effect stories. Other than that, the only big news of the day was that after two rounds of treatment, my CA125 is down to 11.3--terrific news!! It makes it possible to bear the side effects, when you hear it's working. The worst side effect of this treatment so far is fatigue. I literally have been sleeping half of every day since Tuesday. So, this will just be a quick update since it's almost time for my next nap. But thanks to everyone who checks this and is following my journey and our crazy family stories--we appreciate it! Nancy

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    11.3 is a GREAT number! I know how much you have gone through for this and it's paying's to REMISSION!
    Love you,