Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something Fishy

Well, we've had book reviews on the blog but not a restaurant review yet so here goes:
Hank's sister, Lillian, has been trying to get us to try a restaurant that she loves so yesterday we decided to check it out. It's a simple seafood place in Cornish, Maine called Bay Haven. The food was delicious...huge portions of seafood at very reasonable prices. In fact, the luncheon portions were so big that we each took a "doggie box" home for another meal. The fish is all haddock and they have clams, scallops, shrimp...fried or baked. Most of the entrees were about $10.99 for a full meal. And for dessert...homemade pies. The ride to Cornish was pretty and there are a lot of little antique shops in the village itself so it made for a nice afternoon. If you decide to try it out, just follow route 25 through Gorham and Standish to Cornish. Bay Haven is on the right about a half mile past Cornish center. No need to dress up...just a plain family-style place...but definitely one we'll return to. Who would have thought we would leave the coast and drive to Cornish for fish?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back to Reality

Nancy and Aaron are heading home from Aruba today...can't wait to hear all about their trip. Hasn't seemed the same around blogland without Nancy here!

Rob has been building a family tree on Facebook...already 31 people on it. If you are on Facebook, log in and check it out!

Beautiful day today...heading outside to paint the lawn furniture and get the t@b ready for another camping season. Our first trip of the year will be to Searsport Shores on May 8-10 for their annual clean-up weekend...always a good time.
Above: our campsite At Searsport Shores
Below: Pawtuckaway State Park, NH
Rob posted this photo of Toshinori...can't believe how much he looks like Taka did at that age. Toshi will be 2 in May and Taka just turned 5.
Have a good Sunday, everybody...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Watch this and try not to cry!!!

47 Year old Susan Boyle wows the judges with her performance in the auditions for Britain's Got Talent, singing I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. You have to watch this video if you have not seen it already- just click here:
Bravo, Susan Boyle!!!


Well, if you haven't joined Facebook, the time to try it is now. I thought it was just for "kids" but my son, Rob, encouraged me to join and I'm lovin' a fast-paced blog. Took me a little while to figure out all of the features but I'm having fun now!
Since I joined Facebook I have use the "friend finder" and located: 1. the boy who took me to the "King Bruin Dance" - my first semi-formal - in 9th grade 2. a best friend from high school, 3. former college classmates 4. long-lost relatives (Hi Brian, Lynn, Kathy...) and 5. lots of teachers I have worked with at various school over the years.
I've also taken some of the hundreds of silly quizzes on Facebook revealing all sorts of strange information about myself like : 1. the Wizard of Oz character I am most like is...Dorothy! 2. the Beatle I am most like is Yoko Ono (?) 3. my personality type is EFSJ (look it up...Carl Jung), 4. if I were a vegetable, I would be a carrot, and 5. if I were a Krispy Kreme donut I would be Original Frosted. Where else can you get information like that about yourself for free???
As if that's not all, I can send virtual gifts to my friends like 1. an Amato's Italian sandwich from Maine to my cousins 2. sushi to Rob 3. yarn to my fibre-college friend, Astrig 4. crazy cat photos to my sisters 5. a bedpan to an OT I work with, and 6. a Margarita to Nancy to drink on the beach in Aruba...again, all for free:-)
I was feeling pretty cool about all this until I read an article on line entitled, "What Would You Do If You Found Out Your Mother Was On Facebook?" All I can say grown kids everywhere: "Deal with it! Sometimes...Mom's just gotta have fun!"
p.s. In case you'd like to join Facebook, here's the link...hope you'll be my "friend" if you do!

from Nancy in Aruba

Nancy has been sending an e-mail from Aruba each day and I finally have time to post them. No one deserves this time in the sun more than Nancy. As most of you know, her cancer returned in May and she spent the summer recovering from a second major surgery...too sick all summer to even get off the couch and then, once the incision fianlly healed, six more months of chemo. are clips from Nancy's much happier, healthier week in Aruba so far:

Sunday, April 12th
Just wanted you all to know we arrived safe and sound--a great flight and we even got in an hour early--in the water by 1:30--it's warm and - tropical--had pizza in an open air restaurant tonight for Easter dinner-hope all is well there-will be in touch Love Nancy

Monday, April 13th
I promise I won't e-mail every day and rub salt in the wound, but,,,,it was in the high 80's today--it's 81 now at almost 11pm-beautiful breeze--we spent from 10-4 on the beach-all that tanning and I still got burned--you just don't realize that even with 30 sunblock the sun is so powerful-we went to the casino the past to nights it's right across the street--Aaron and I aren't big spenders--found the penny and nickel machines and blew about five bucks--Betsy won $107.00 last night-she's very lucky--last year she won $1,000. in nickels! Ate dinner tonight at Iguana Joe's --I had a "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and it was and we are in paradise--see you all soon! Love you!

Tuesday, April 14th
Hi! It actually rained here today-lasted less than 5 minutes-at about 8am-it's about 9:30-we just watched most of American Idol-we missed the first few coming back from dinner-Betsy and Sted decided to walk across to the casino-we were just too tired-doing nothing is exhausting! Today we did the beach 'til about noon then took the bus down to the high rise district and took a submarine tour of the coral reefs and a sunken destroyer from WW2-it was alot of fun-tonight we had dinner with Tom and Shirley Bradbury-this is their last week of three here-tomorrow we're renting a car and zipping around the island-so far it's been a book a day--love it! Nancy

Wednesday, April 15th
Another busy day-we rented a car today and went all over the island taking the "road less traveled"-we started with a breakfast buffet at the Hyatt Regency up in the high rise section of the island-it was huge-we really had to pace ourselves and eat first fresh fruits, then cereal, pastries, and croissants then meat and eggs then pancakes or french toast for those who could squeeze it in! We then followed some tour busses in the car so we wouldn't get lost finding tourist sights--the tour busses hate when people with rental cars do that because they get the tour for free! But we went to California lighthouse, then Alto Vista chapel the oldest little (like the size of my great room) church here on the island-then took back roads to baby beach-which is a little cove like beach where you can walk out practically forever and only be up to your knees--lots of locals and families (hence the name)-after drying in the sun we went in search of a famous little hole in the wall bar called Charlie's for a beer (Balachi the locally made Aruba made beer--oh yeah we passed their bottling plant and stopped in for a cold one too on the way to baby beach). Charlie's by the way is not the bar where Natalie Holloway disappeared from-that was Carlos and Charlies in a different town. (Carlos has since closed). Our Charlie's is in a little town called San Nicholas and was hard to find due to many one way streets and street signs-when they have them in Dutch--and since we don't read Dutch, Sted started up a one way street--thankfully though there were two rasta guys on the corner who waved us down to let us know we were going the wrong way--we thanked them and they asked if we needed some weed while we were there-Bets said no I think we're all set and we drove on to Charlie's--there are licence plates from all over hanging everywhere--we found a Maine one! Then we came home and went to watch the sunset while drinking an island sunset (a frozen rasperry,southern comfort marguerita drink) on the beach then drove downtown for casinos and a vegas style show called Havana--now home to bed--it's 11:30 and still 81 degrees out--I love it here and may come home with a purchase of some time here so I can bring you all here with me next time--miss you all hope everyone is ok Love, Nancy
Alto Vista Chapel, Aruba

Thursday, April 16th
Hi all-today was a quieter day than yesterday--we beach and pooled it from 10am to about 4-then showered and changed and went on a sunset catamaran sail from 5:30-7:30--it was beautiful-they have very impressive sunsets here-then we walked across the street for dinner and ate outside while listening to jazz from another restaurant and watching an adancing lights water show in the center of this out side mall coreographed to Elvis music--it was neat-it's 10:30 and still around 80-we might go try our luck at the slot machines at the casino across the street-Bets and Sted are already there-the week is flying by way too fast--take care-wish everyone was here XXOO Nancy

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Easter Early!

It's been much too quiet here in blogland-everyone has been too busy to write and for me, there hasn't been much going on. Until last week that is...I found out that I had been approved for an early retirement due to disability and retired officially last week. It had been a tough decision to make. My oncologist had suggested I should apply in January. Although things have been going well, as she put it."there is a good possibility that we'll be walking down this road of recurrence again." Given the side effects I endured this summer and the continued treatment and blood clot, I decided I needed to follow her advice. It took 3 months, but I finally got the official ok (along with the medical documentation of 287 pages!) When I received the verdict I had mixed emotions. When you're working probably once a day (if not more!) you think I can't wait to retire-then when it happens-it's difficult. I resent the way it has happened--this cancer has had too much power in my life. But, I am going to look forward-this is just the start of the next part of my journey.
The other exciting news is that to help me start my next chapter, my best friend, Betsy, and her husband, Sted Seavey, have invited us to join them on their annual trip to Aruba! They have been going there for over 20 years now and this will be our second trip. We joined them in 2006 to celebrate the end of my first round of treatments and now we'll have something else to celebrate. They'll be staying 3 weeks, but we'll join them for one. We leave Easter Sunday and return the following Sunday. It's the perfect vacation--good friends, SUN (!!!) and a pile of books to read on the beach--after all this chemo, I'm ready for a little vitamin D therapy! Maybe I'll write an entry from the beach! If not, I'll be sure to include some pictures when we return.
Last week I also completed my second month on the drug trial I'm participating in. It's a double blind study of a new drug for ovarian cancer. So far so good--as part of the study I will have bimonthly Ca125 tests and CAT scans. My first were last week. My Ca125 was 7.2 (below 35 is considered "normal" yipee!) and my CT scan showed NO changes and was totally normal-with the exception of evidence that the blood clot in my lung is still there (the Dr. expected this). So it's all good! The only side effect I am experiencing is that I have totally lost of my sense of taste. It's really annoying and bizarre--everything I eat taste like a matzo cracker-you'd think I'd be skinny-but no such luck--I keep trying things to see if they taste! The doctors think this is probably an indication that I am receiving the drug-not the placebo since there haven't been any other changes in my treatment or medications-we'll have to wait and see-but if it works, I'll go without taste!
Because we aren't going to be here on Easter, yesterday we had an early Easter dinner at our house. Mom, Cheryl and Hank, and Andi and Dave joined us-Joanne and Mark had just returned from the Southwest on Saturday night, and Kit and Erin were in Aroostock county visiting Erin's grandmothers. Everyone is well and we all had a great time and a lot to eat! Maybe Cheryl will add some pictures--she took my camera home with her by mistake, so I can't. It was great for all of us to be together.
Well, that's all that's new in my world--hope everything is going well for all of you--think Spring! There are little green sprouts all over the front yard-daffodils and tulips! Maybe when we get home the flowers will be in full bloom! Take care! Nancy