Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day

Hope everyone is enjoying the long Memorial Day weekend...after such a long, snowy winter, the unofficial start of summer is finally here. It was 91 degress in Portland on Thursday and high 80's yesterday...a little cooler today but still nice whether for being outside. Like everyone else, we've been doing a lot of gardening. Last weekend, we had fun helping Kristen and her housemates plant a vegetable garden at their home. Needless to say, for Kristen, who loves spicy food, we planted jalpeno peppers, banana peppers, and cayenne peppers as well as tomatoes. peas, bean,s cucumbers and...Kristen's choice...watermelon! Here is a photo of the finished garden at the "29 house".

Uncle Ed and Aunt Barbara were in Maine on Monday and took Mom out to DiMillo's for lunch. Reports are that they all had a nice time. On Wednesday, Ed and Barb were going to meet Roger and Rosemary in Haverhill and put flowers on the graves of all of our grandparents there.

Nancy went over to Cavalry Cemetary this week and planted Daddy's grave for Memorial Day. Uncle Ed had put in three beautiful geraniums and Nancy and I added the rest of the flowers for the family this year. As much fun as gardening and cook-outs are, Memorial Day means a lot to us. We're really proud of Daddy and all the WWII vets who left right out of high school to fight overseas to protect the freedom we all enjoy here in America. We'll never forget them.

Joanne & Mark are camping at Recompence Shores in Freeport this weekend in their red "Patriot" t@b camper. Tomorrow we all plan to go up to see them and relax for the afternoon by Casco Bay.

Thought I'd post one more photo - of one of the Jack in the Pulpits that are growing in the woods behind our house. I remember as a kid being really excited to discover of these...brings back memories.

Happy Memorial Day...hope it finds you, like us, remembering the past while creating happy new early summer memories with your own families.

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  1. Jack in the Pulpits mean a lot to me too. Strange, our special memories. The sound of a lawn mower and the smell of cut grass always remind me of Daddy at work and the daffodils along the stone wall at the Westport house.

    You wrote a beautiful tribute, Cheryl, to both Nancy and Memorial Day. Thank you.