Wednesday, February 10, 2010


"The Dreamgirls" (the female half of our Gourmet group) took the Downeaster to Boston for the weekend for a show and some "retail therapy". I got on the train in Portland and my job was to save four seats together until the other three "girls" boarded in Wells. Who knew that the "soup Nazi" now works for Amtrak??? Trying to save seats on a sold-out train was more stress than going to work! I was lucky: I was not thrown off the train. I did manage to snap this photo of our "friendly" conductor as Alison boarded...

and here we are...Jo, Alison, me, and Claudia...finally on our way to Boston...

We saw "Dreamgirls" at the Colonial Theatre Saturday afternoon. Season 7 American Idol finalist, Syesha Mercado, played the role of Deena. It was fantastic!
Saturday night we had dinner at "Cantina Italiana" in the North End...

and ended the evening with Italian cookies at Mike's pastries.

On Sunday, we walked 'til our feet ached, shopped 'til we almost dropped, and finally dragged our bags onto the 5:00 p.m. Downeater for the trip home to Maine. Great getaway!!!

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  1. I love Boston!! Never had a bad time there! Glad you and the girls had fun!

    Love, Kathy