Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It was great to read all of the comments on last week's blog entry and to know that the blog is being read. Nancy and I both check the Comments frequently and really enjoy the feedback...hope you will all continue to join the conversation.

Roger Snelling just e-mailed me this photo of him, my Dad, and Johnny Clark when they returned from overseas in 1945. Thought I would share it here. What handsome we all know where we got our good looks!

Spring seems to finally be arriving in Maine...this is the first Monday we haven't had snow in five weeks so we're hopeful. I wonder if the snow is all gone for those of you reading this in Connecticut...we always seem to be a few weeks behind here.

March is also a month of birthdays so here goes...Happy Birthday to...

Carolyn Lambert - March 13th - Carolyn was my "little sister" at Russell Sage College and then became my sister-in-law. She is now the Pastor at Woodford's Congregational Church in Portland. I'll leave out her age as that would make it easy to figure mine out....

Sean Caufield - March 15th - Sean was one of my favorite students at Gorham High School and now lives with Kristen. He is one of the funniest and happiest people I know. Hank and I had a great time at Sean's party yesterday. Sean is 31!

JoAnne Sizemore - March 17th - Born JoAnne Del'Olio, I don't know how Jo ended up with an Irish birthday! JoAnne and I have been friends since 1979 when we first taught together. A member of our infamous "Gourmet Group", she is now the Principal of Scarborough Middle School. (Jo will also be ageless on this blog.)

And last but not least...
Brian Lawson - March 17th - Our 2nd grandson turns 13 today, and...

Robert Lawson - March 19th - Our oldest grandson turns 15 ...hard to believe!

Happy Brithday, Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Spring to all!
p.s. Check out cousin Brian's latest Comment on the previous blog entry...looks like we're going to finally have a family reunion!!!

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  1. hi, taking a minute to write. the days are so bright here in ct! feel like doing a little spring cleaning. (some of it) i know your age cheryl because steve was born the same year he would be --. jeanne was just 57 yesterday! can't believe it either. jim is 51 1st day of spring. the yr. he was born had a 4 ft. snow storm. steve's son scott & nathan also share the mo. b.d. april arethe birds are peeping out here & we had our 1robin this week. happy days. luv, a. marion my twin gr. grand kids art jr. & tim i still try to gift them with cash these days. it will keep the economy going..