Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nordic Village Weekend

This weekend Aaron and I went to Jackson, N.H. with Kit and Erin. They really love being in the mountains and since Cheryl and Hank gave up their camp there we haven't been to the White Mountains in quite a while. Kit has been working for the ski patrol at Black Mountain, so they've been up there quite often. We had a great time at a condo complex called Nordic Village.

Friday, it was raining when we arrived, but Saturday dawned clear and crisp. It was one of those perfect White Mountain days, bright blue skies and the top of Mount Washington clearly visible. The view from the condo which looked over toward Black, was incredible!

Andi and Dave decided to ride up from Yarmouth on Saturday to spend one night, and the four of us spent the day playing tourist. We watched the skiing for a while at the mountain and revisited Cheryl's camp, and "Aaron Pass". For those readers who haven't heard this story, "Aaron Pass" was so named about 17 years ago. The first time we went to Black, Aaron and Kit were both going to learn to ski. They both geared up for their fist time and spent the morning taking lessons. By noon, they were ready for their first attempt at a lift and first run. Both had done really well in their lesson and I've got the video to prove it! They both went up the baby hill while I manned the camera ready to document their first run--Kit did a great job (apparently no fear!) but Aaron didn't fare as well. He made it about 20 yards and decided the trip down was just to scary. Next thing I knew, he was taking his skis off and walking with them toward the road which headed up the side of the mountain towards Cheryl's camp. I put down the camera and jumped into the car and picked him up!

It was pretty much the talk of the mountain for the rest of the day--the guy who walked off the mountain! That was Aaron's first (and last) attempt to ski. The place he "left" became known as "Aaron Pass" and its memory lives on!

Kit and Erin skied all day, but had planned quite an evening for us after they returned from Black. We had dinner at their favorite restaurant in the area, The Red Fox. We had a fabulous dinner!

Following dinner, we went to Nestlenook Inn for a ride in a "two horse" open sleigh.

It was a beautiful clear starry night, and with the stars, the woods and the jingling sleigh bells, it was great! We even stopped along the way to feed a herd of deer that the inn owns. It was magical.

But, even though we were beginning to tire, the planned events were not over yet. The Nordic Village has a heated outdoor pool and hot tub! You can see the picture of the pool area in the daylight,but it was a first for all of us to go swimming outside in the snow!

The second steamy picture is Andi and Dave outside in the pool at about 9:00-proof that Andi made it in the water--she's really readjusted to life in New England!

After swimming we were all exhausted and ready to return to the condo for all little relaxing before we all fell asleep. Bright and early Sunday morning, we all got up and had breakfast together before Andi and Dave got on the road. Kit and Erin returned to Black for more skiing--where do they get the energy? After a little more shopping Aaron and I started home and couldn't wait to get in a nap when we got home. Thanks for making all the arrangements Kit and Erin--we had a great time!


  1. Sounds like a great time...wish Hank and I could have joined you!

  2. Yaaron's experience described my 12 year old Sam's first attempt at skking exactly. His sister said, she wasn't going with him again.

    This morning, he said, lets go skiing this winter again. (August here)

    How's Nancy?