Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Photos & more...

Well, once Hank and I got to the right house, Mom's Birthday party was in full swing. We drove to Chandler's Wharf and, seeing the dark house, realized the party was at Nancy's...a minor slip-up! Nancy cooked (delicious, as always) and for dessert she made one of Mom's favorites..."The Captain's" chocolate cake.
In addition to the "regulars", we were joined by Dave's daughter, Liz, and Andi's daughter, Katie, who had just returned from Arizona. Katy looks great and we were all glad to see her back in Maine. Welcome home, Katie!

Nancy is feeling well and has a busy couple of days ahead. Tonight she is at a Retirement party given by the staff at Wells Elementary School and tomorrow there is another event in her honor given by the Superintendent of Schools. After teaching 3rd and 4th grades at Wells Elementary School for 34 years (25 students a year x 34 = 850 kids who have had "Mrs. Tufts"), nobody deserves a party more!

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