Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WOW!! What a Weekend!!

Just when I thought (as I wrote in my last post) that my retirement celebrations would never end--again this weekend I got yet another surprise! It was "supposed" to be a weekend visit from Aaron's Mom, sister Sharon, Aunt Ruth and their friend Candy. Then on Saturday afternoon, Cheryl called and asked me if I could come over to loan her my crock pot and show Aaron's family her house. I was shocked when we pulled in and yet ANOTHER retirement party was waiting for me! Apparently this has been in the works secretly for quite a while--with Cheryl, Hank, Andi, Dave, Joey and Mark all helping Aaron to make arrangements, set things up and tell me many lies (all of which I fell for)!
It was a wonderful time-all my family, lots of friends from high school and college and many current and retired colleagues were waiting when I arrived. Aaron presented me with 34 teal (the color of ovarian cancer awareness) roses, one for every year I taught. There was lots of great food, laughs, memories and not one, but TWO great cakes!

Just when I thought that I had enjoyed all the surprises the day held in store I was in for the
biggest shock of the day, and my life. I hadn't even noticed that Aaron had disappeared-but I sure did notice when he returned--take a look at my face-and you can tell how shocked I was!

Now take a look at my super-duper retirement surprise from my wonderful husband!

It's a 2009 limited edition "Blush" beetle convertible, with a white gold colored exterior, and a red leather interior and convertible top, and I LOVE IT!! Although we were not in the market for a new car, I have said all along that my next car would be a convertible bug-I have loved my yellow lightening bug since 2001 and now I love this one! I'm working hard to come up with a new vanity plate for it--in the lead right now is DUN TCHN because I am! I really want to thank everyone for all the love, hard work and good wishes to help make this party absolutely unforgettable for me--It was wonderful and thank you just can't cover it! I love you all.

P.S. Ever wondered how many teachers you can stuff into (and around) a Volkswagen? Here's how many we got.....


  1. Sue Snelling wrote to my e-mail...

    WOW!!!! good for you!!!! Congratulations on your retirement. It must be wonderful!

    BTW....does Aaron have a single brother that's my age? LOL

  2. What a good time and a great surprise ! Congratulations Nancy for all your years of hard work and dedication ! Love, Joanne