Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Camping

This was the last...and coldest...camping weekend for this year. Rob, Taka, Rob's friend, Todd, and his daughter, Caitlyn - all from Brooklyn - joined us at Pawtuckaway State Park in Nottingham, NH for the long weekend. The traffic out of NYC on the holiday weekend was so bad that they didn't get to camp until 1:30 a.m. Nothing like setting up tents in the rain at 2:00 a.m. with two tired kids waiting in the car! Joanne and Mark were at Pawtuckaway, too, on a nearby site, so we visited back and forth all weekend. Hank brought the canoe...the foliage was beautiful around the lake.

Taka was a big help collecting firewood...we definitely needed a big fire all weekend to keep warm.

Taka and "Grampy" looking for wildlife...Taka brought his own little binoculars and lantern for the camp-out:-)

Caitlyn and Taka cooked marshmallows and then went over to Joanne and Mark's campsite for a second course...S'mores!

Taka and Rob keeping warm by the campfire...

Rob and Taka slept in this tent and Todd and Caitlyn had one just like it. Hank and I lucked out and slept in the t@b... but everyone did take turns in there to warm up. The guys listened to all the games on Sunday on our LL Bean crank-up radios...when the Red Sox and Patriots lost, Mark was so depressed he had to go to bed! We did get together for a big dinner Sunday night (before the Pat's lost)...Joanne and I each made dutch oven dishes to share.

Now we'll pack up the camping gear until next May when we head up to Searsport Shores for the annual clean-up weekend...hope it's warmer by then!


  1. looks like fun, all you were missing were mittens! good pictures

  2. Taka has grown even bigger than he was in summer--looks like he had a great time with you all :)