Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone--we had a total of 4 Trick or Treaters this year!! Two from the neighborhood, and two "special" guests--a hot dog and a clown! Loved the costumes and the new look for this year!! Kit and Erin came over for a "spooky" Halloween supper--Aaron and I spent the day getting ready. Aaron was in charge of the table-draped with cobwebs and spiders and I was in charge oof cooking. I made a jack-o-lantern cake for dessert, and decided to make home made French bread to go with dinner. Then I decided to turn the dough into a spooky "spider" bread. Kit was in charge of "hacking" the spider's head off and slicing it up. Enjoy our Halloween visitors and dinner pictures! I love Halloween!! Nancy


  1. Wow...who is that scary Halloween creature with the knife? Glad you finally finished your Pumpkin Cake...the table looks great. You should be glad you were not serving hot dogs and salad with bleu chees dressing or you might have had to add two chairs!

  2. I'm thinking Kit was visualizing something or someone else (his Dad?) as he hacked away!