Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to MMC

Mom is back in the hospital. She was admitted at about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning with shortness of breath. She is resting comfortably after a couple of difficult nights at home. We are not sure how long the doctor will keep her at MMC but we are glad that she is getting some rest. She was home almost three
weeks after her last hospitalization and maybe her body just wasn't quite ready to resume all the day to day activites being home involved. She is in room 361 and her bedside phone # is 662-7561. Hopefully, this will be a short stay...just until she gets her medications regulated and more of her strength back.

So... I think I have already broken yet another of my New Year's resolutions...the one about spending as much time having fun as visiting hospitals and doctor's offices. By the way, only two of our esteemed blog readers have added their resolutions to my list on the previous blog - Roger and Kathy -
I'm still waiting for yours...

Aunt Ann called tonight to see how Mom is. It was great talking with her. I remember that when I was about 12, I thought Aunt Ann was so cool because she wore red shoes and drove a VW bug! (Don't worry, Aunt Ann...I still think you're cool!)

By the way, Happy Belated Birthday, Maureen...I had forgotten that you and Grampa Smith shared a birthday on January 6th. Hope it was a good one...

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  1. Welcome home Mom ! Love, Tabby Cat