Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's your resolution?

Thought we'd have some fun to start off the New Year on the blog...how about sharing a few of our (probably soon-to -be -broken) New Year's resolutions! I'll start with a few of mine:
In the "tried and true" category:
1. Lose weight
2. Grow my hair
3. Quit smoking (already broken)
4. Learn Japanese
5. Be nice
In the "new this year"category:
1. Make my "bucket list" so that I'll have time before I'm too old to do anything on it
2. Stop making so many lists (already broken)
3. Overcome my fear of colonoscopies
4. Make the blog even more exciting (???)
5. Spend at least as many minutes doing fun things as I spend in hospitals and doctor's offices
6. Have another "cousins weekend" in 2010
7. Learn all the words to the "Maine Counties" song
8. Drink more Margaritas
9. Be nice
Now it's YOUR turn...just click the "Comment" button and have at it...I triple dog dare you!!!


  1. Cheryl:

    At my age you don't make resolutions. I'll keep on living as I have for the past 90 years because I must have been doing the right thing over the past 90 years. So, why change it ???


  2. As my father says, "it's the good Parker genes that keeps him going".

    Colonoscopies....nothing to it!!! Procedure is nothing...prep work tough. Although I think my doctor was a little disappointed that I don't have to go back for 10 years. He said something about loving to operate!! You do look at Gaterade in a whole new light though!!!

    I make it my resolution not to come up with resolutions.....I hate the disappointment, so I say things like, I'll give up artichokes. Never had one, so I'm sure that one won't get broken.

    I would love another cousin's reunion in 2010!


  3. 1/26 from Sue Snelling:
    1. Go to another cousin's weekend
    2. Spend even more time with the grandchildren.
    3. Find a job.
    4. Finish all of my projects.
    5. Lose weight.
    6. Finish unpacking.
    7. Stop bothering to task myself and then never remembering to check the calendar (the letter I was going to scan and send you from Grampy Smith....although I did find it again when I was trying to accomplish #6.)
    8. Try to ride to the cemetaries in Haverhill with my best friend, cousin and future bridesmaid (maybe if I ever get married again?).
    9. It would be fun to ride through Wells Beach too!
    10. Go camping at Sebago.
    11. Try to be more of a bitch instead of trying so hard to be nice......it gets me nowhere.
    12. Like you, drink more! It sure makes things look pretty damn good.
    NOTE FROM CHERYL: Sue, I'd love to join you in #'s 1,8,9,10 & 12! When do you want to get started???