Monday, July 26, 2010

I'd Rather be Camping

Sending this photo out for all the campers who follow the blog...stole it from Astrig's Facebook page...Astrig and her husband, Steve, own our favorite campground, Searsport Shores. This is site #13 and the water you see is Penobscot Bay. Hank helped Astrig's father build decks like this one at a few of the sites at last year's Spring Clean-Up weekend. Astrig...sorry to steal the photo but couldn't resist...we really miss Searsport when you post teasers like this. As soon as the new Casita gets to Maine, we are there!


  1. Hopefully us too !

  2. How are you Nancy?

    On Sat evening I sat at dinner with a young woman/wife/mother who is battling with cancer. She had the last course of chemo the day before.

    Our husbands work at the same place, and I cooked the family some dinner when she was not able to.

  3. Ann...Nancy is doing well right now...still doing chemo but feeling pretty good. So glad you are such a loyal follower of our blog. It was really nice of you to cook dinner for your friend's family...I'm sure it was appreciated. I assume you are following us from that right? If so, where in Australia are you?
    Have a good day!-Cheryl
    p.s. to Anonymous: Who are you??? we need to know who to look for in Searsport!

  4. Steal the, no my friends, we're just trying to lure you with eye candy!