Friday, July 2, 2010

Taka & Toshi's visit to Maine

in the "Wizard's Forest" with Grampy...
Toshi (3) and Taka (6) in their new "Hobbit House"...

Welcome to the playhouse...any mail???


Taka riding his John Deere tractor in his John Deere hat next to the John Deere repair truck...pretty exciting stuff!

Toshi's "John Deere"...

Ice cream at Toots in North Yarmouth. Taka chose orange pineapple and Toshi chose banana!

Taka is a long way from Brooklyn now...feeding the cows!
Toshi watching the fish at LL Bean ...those are Taka's legs...he is in the "bubble" that allows children to climb in and observe the fish close up.

Taka checking out the moose at LL Bean...

Toshi wants to make sure that Daddy doesn't forget to pack the Matchbox cars fror the trip back to Brooklyn this morning!
On Sunday, Taka,Toshi, and Tomomi are leaving for Osaka on Japan Air Lines to spend the summer with their grandparents, Umeyo and Tokuhide, in Wakayama. Tomo hasn't seen her family in almost three years so we are very happy that she and the boys will have the summer to enjoy with all of them.

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  1. SOOOOOOOOOOO cute-hope they have fun in Japan!