Saturday, October 9, 2010

Return of the Pumpkin People

Yesterday Aaron had the day off as one of his last vacation days. Since it happened on such short notice, we decided to take a leaf-peeping ride to one of our favorite towns Jackson, N.H. If you've never been there, it's in the White Mountains, near North Conway (outlet malls!) and is just beautiful at any time of year. We went to see the pumpkin people. This is a great project held every October and sponsored by the Jackson Chamber of Commerce. Businesses, restaurants and inns around the Jackson area make these elaborate displays using pumpkins or gourds and the Chamber gives you a map and ballot to ride around looking at the pumpkin people and then you vote on your favorite. We discovered it last year when we spent a long weekend at the Christmas Farm Inn, a great B&B with our good friends Mickey and Debie Chabot. So much fun! Here are some pictures of some of our favorites!

Waldo, from the Where's Waldo children's book series. Notice the pumpkin head and "gourd" ears!

This Wizard of Oz scene (our personal favorite) was at the Inn at Jackson-it won the judges choice as they did last fall when they did the Blue Man Group...notice how detailed the painting of the faces is!

Next is Black Mountain Ski Area's person--it looks like Kit on a day he's working ski patrol only he carries around 40 pounds of supplies around his waist!

And finally, here are Aaron and I in Fred Flintstone's car (a golf cart) at the Eagle Mountain House-notice again the details--the gang's all here including Pebbles and Bam Bam and Dino, whose bright pink head is a gourd! Yubba Dubba Do!

Note to Joanne--one business even had a flock of pink flamingos--maybe you'd like to "borrow " this idea for fall camping trips in the Tab!

Enough of the Pumpkin People--here are some shots of the beautiful foliage in the Mountains and the Black Mountain Ski Area without snow!

And are some pictures of Kit's dream mountain get away cabin--it's for sale and he'd love it-it's walking distance to Black Mountain, babbling brook running behind the property--I think it's about $100,000-a steal right? Only a few problems--no heat,no electric, no plumbing--any ambitious family members or friends want to go in on a "fixer upper" with Kit? He'd love it!!

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  1. Hey, Nancy...So glad that you and Aaron got to spend a day in Jackson...what a beautiful time of year to be there! Love the pumpkin people! Thanks for posting the photos:-)