Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday evening with Nancy

Just got back from visiting Nancy and thought I would update everyone. She looked good tonight and was comfortable...still on the morphine drip she can control herself. Tomorrow morning she will have minor surgery to replace her kidney stents. They are also giving her medication through her IV to lower her Coumadin level. Once the level is low enough, hopefully on Monday, the doctors plan to drain Nancy's ascites again. Their theory now is that ascites is probably causing the bowel obstruction. So...lots going on.

I had my camera in my purse (had just been to Kristen's Halloween party) so here are a couple of photos from Nancy's room. And yes...that is Halloween candy she has on the bed. Her friend Betsy came in yesterday and decorated Nancy's room for Halloween. She left some "trick or treats" for the nurses...which Nancy and I decided to sample. Nancy was able to eat a little solid food today (she chose Cheerios!) but will have to stop again at midnight due to the surgery in the morning.
Long day so all for tonight.


  1. from Aunt Marion:
    Thanks for update. Just spoke to A.Doris. She in 1/2 thru the chemo. Lisa& Leslie are going to have the brcaTests done. Which is good. Tricha is having it also. JIm waiting for another MRI nx week to complete his ca studies. Seems to take forever as you all know. THANK GOD FOR MORPHINE!!This week i have bronchitis & Laryngitis. Best of all to all.. Luv, A.Marion

  2. So glad they seem to be finding the cause of the problem. Again hope you are feeling better soon! Went to Patriots game yesterday and got the chance to "tailgate" with Joanne and Mark. We had a great time and Pats won! Love the witch decoration. Keeping you in prayer.
    Love, Maureen