Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cousins Weekend

What a great weekend! Our cousins, Kathleen (Smith) Korzeb and Maureen (Smith) Starr, Uncle Ed and Aunt Barbara's daughters, took a "road trip" to Maine to reconnect with all of us. They have been reading the blog and decided that it was time that we all get together again in person. Our cousin, Sue Snelling, Roger and Rosemary's daughter, joined us too. We hadn't seen Maureen in about twenty years and, although Sue lives nearby, we had kept promising to get together and never did, except through e-mail and the blog...until now! On Saturday, I took Maureen and Kathy to LL Bean, showed them Andi and Dave's house in Yarmouth, and then we all went to Nancy's for a visit. Last night, everyone came here for pot-luck and brought their old family photos to share. Joanne drove up from New Hampshire to join us too. Hank put the "oldies" on his record player and, with wine in hand, we watched the old family movies that Grampa Smith and Roger Snelling had made over the years. What memories! We all toasted to Grammy Smith and Aunt Dora, who we were sure were smiling down at us, and laughed at each other's crazy stories. Why don't we do this more often?
Today, we visited Kristen at her home in Portland, Mom at Chandler's Wharf (delicious brownies!), and Roger and Rosemary in Scarborough. Roger got out some of the family photos and memorabilia from the attic and told us stories of the Parker sisters...Ruth, Helen, Dora, Alice and Eunice...our grandmothers and their sisters... and shared his memories of Daddy during the war and the old days in Haverhill. Now it's our turn to go to Connecticut (a Smith sisters road trip this Spring?) to visit Maureen,Kathy and Ed and meet their families.
I've invited Kathy, Maureen and Sue to write on this blog and am hoping that they, along with Andi, Nancy and Joanne, will add some of their photos and funny stories about our weekend together. Hope you enjoy these photos. Andi, Maureen, Sue, Cheryl, Kathy, Nancy & Joanne

Nancy, Kathy & Maureen

Sue & Cheryl...together again!

Sue & Hank dance to the Oldies

the newlyweds...Andi & Dave

Happy Birthday, Joanne!

Sue, Andi & Maureen with Dave

Kathy, Kristen & Maureen at Kristen's house

Kathy, "Mommy", Kristen & Maureen

Maureen, "Aunt Alice" & Kathy

Roger, Kathy, Maureen & Rosemary

Cheryl, Roger & Kathy

Since my goal is to have this posted by the time Maureen and Kathy get back to Connecticut, I'm going to end here. Thanks for the memories!


  1. Great pictures, Cheryl and thanks for hosting a great evening! And thanks to Kathy and Maureen for getting the ball rolling--maybe this summer there should be a Smith side family reunion like we did a few years ago on the Boocock side to let the "boy cousins" and aunts and uncles and assorted others get in on the fun--it was great= and Kathy we all want you and are glad you're here! Thanks for the memories and I think we all look great! Love, Nancy

  2. We're home!! Maureen and I laughed all the way home... or until she realized I was trailing the other cars too closely! I guess I missed my little treasurers! It was as I expected, the only one to truly miss me was the gray, not so smart, dog! Boy, give the dog an LLBean bone and he's happy as a clam!

    Nancy, you truly missed your calling, stand up comedy!! Sue, it was great seeing your parents.. they look great!

    We definitely need a mixed (estrogen/testosterone) reunion next time. Hank, I promise, no family movies!!!

    Cheryl and Hank, thank you both again, you were great hosts!


  3. Enjoyed the pictures and a great evening! Made it worth the long and late drive home. Good to see everyone and thanks for the cake! Sue, I will E-mail you those recipes. Maureen and Kathy, so glad you could make it. My house is available as a halfway point in the future if needed.
    Love to all, Joanne
    Oh and cheryl, I'm busy transfering my pictures !!!

  4. Oh, and Andi, get busy on your gyneco... I mean geniology !!! Joanne

  5. Kathy...
    No comments on "Eartha" not turning???


    1 lb. Jack Cheese grated
    1 lb. Cheddar Cheese grated
    5 oz can evaporated milk
    6 eggs
    Canned chili peppers or Jalapenos

    Spray 9 x 13" pan with Pam. Line bottom of the pan with peppers. Combine other ingredients. Pour over peppers. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes until set. Cool for 10 minutes. Slice into cubes and serve warm. This keeps well and reheats well. I think it would be good with other substitutions for the peppers such as asparagas, possibly tomato or Basil.

    Serves 12

    Enjoy and let me know what you think ! Love, Joanne

  7. Thanks for the Texas Fudge recipe,'s delicious!