Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nancy's Back in Remission!

This morning, Nancy's oncologist, Dr. Laurie Small, said the three words to Nancy that we've have all been praying to hear..."You're in remission". After a second major surgery, a wound that wouldn't heal, six more months of chemo, and a pulmonary embolism, Nancy has beat her cancer for a second time! Dr. Small reported that Nancy's recent CT scan showed no signs of cancer and that her CA125 (the blood test for ovarian cancer) was back in the normal range at 11.2. Both her white and red blood cell counts are back in the normal range and the embolism is responding to treatment.
Nancy has also chosen to take part in a clinical trial in the hope of prolonging her remission. Her oncologists are participating in a national research study using biological therapy - in Nancy's case one pill per day of a new drug - to try to extend the length of remission in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer. She wants to do everything she can to keep the cancer from coming back.
Nancy is feeling a lot better but is still dealing with fatigue, which the doctor said is normal for someone who is recovering from both a recurrence and the grueling treatments she has been through. So, as long as she rests when she needs to, continues to have her blood checked, and sees Dr. Small as directed, she can finally begin to resume her life....hopefully a happy and healthy one from here on out. Congratulations, Nancy...you deserve a long break from all this!


  1. hi all, very happy to hear of nancy's remission & the clinical trial to extend it. it has been a long time & about time for the better healthy life. maybe i'll get up to maine this sprinf & visit your mom luv, aunt marion

  2. Yeah Nancy!
    Congratulations! This is wonderful news and as Cheryl said, it's time to get your life back. Take your time and enjoy. Best of luck.
    Barbara Smith - Cheryl's friend
    (not your aunt - who would probably post the same message)

  3. Cheryl-
    Thanks for posting this--still using my old computer so it's a long process just to post this comment--hopefully I'll get the other fixed this week-thanks Nancy

  4. Got this comment from Shelly L. to my excite email--thought I'd share:

    I just read the latest update to your blog. CONGRATULATIONS! I can't
    tell you how thrilled I am for you. You know what? As I sit here
    trying to think of what to say, I'm coming up blank. My eyes keep
    tearing up and you know I'm not very good at a computer even when I
    can see clearly. Treat yourself to something special -