Saturday, January 3, 2009

Letter Recieved Oct. 4, 1942

From: Pvt F. J. Smith
Base Weather Stas.
Chanute Field, Ill.
Postmark: Rantoule, Ill
Oct. 2, 1942
Postage: Hand written "Free"
Mr & Mrs. Arthur W. Smith
79 Chadwick St.
Haverhill, Mass.
Centered: Raised embossed vessal with 3 feathers and a gold banner below saying "Sustained Alas"
Below Centered: Army Air Forces Technical School
Chanute Field, Illonois
At top right inside letter written in Grampa Smith’s writing: Rec’d Oct 4 ‘42
Hy Folks
Not mutch to say but wanted to say hello. Things are going swell here and only one more week to study then 5 in the station at actual work. The work is not hard. Take readings of wind, temperature, barometer, etc record it on maps and charts and keep track of 5 teletype machines. Most of our work is confidential and we are pretty trusted. There is one code that comes in daily that we treat like eggs. Without it a plane cannot land at an airport without being shot at and it is changed daily. If it gets out of our hands a dozen japs could land without trouble so we don’t broadcast it. I have hopes of getting paid in a couple of weeks but never know. As one fellow says at least the government agrees to owe it to us.
Hope Eddie got his insignia I mailed him. I’ve got a canteen made at the J & A. but haven’t got one of your knapsacks. As a matter of fact I haven’t got any.
Two fellows came in to day from Hudson Bay after being there 3 months. Tough part is there were 3 that left and only two got back.
I don’t know where you got the idea my mail is censored as it isn’t. I get your letters in 2 days although it takes longer for mine as they don’t go out as fast as in the city.
You should see this place-the country is flat as a billiard table for miles. It seems odd after the hills of New England.
Well its getting late so guess I’ll turn in.

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