Saturday, February 21, 2009

Better Late than Never~

Hi Everyone- It's been a few weeks since I've posted--just in a lazy funk I guess-BUT I want to share a few pictures of the best Christmas present I got this year (or maybe ever!) I know we're well past Christmas, but this is too nice not to share. My old laptop crashed and I had to wait to get it replaced in order to get some pictures of my gift to share.
This year (as reported in an earlier post) we had a name draw for our gift exchange. Cheryl was in charge of organizing this, and she said she needed to make sure somehow she drew my name. I figured she was up to something--some new project! Well, surprise surprise she drew my name! I never expected what she gave me. She made me a lap size quilt using ovarian cancer awareness fabrics in teal and white, and it is GORGEOUS! Not only did she hand make it , she quilted it by hand also! The detail is incredible. In the four corners she stitched the words "Hope", "Sisters", "Love" and "Cure". She also stitched hearts and the cancer awareness ribbon sign in various places. It's so beautiful that it took me a while to decide how best to display it. I finally decided to hang it in the foyer at our house so everyone who entered could enjoy it and see the detail. I know the details don't show up as well as I wished they would in the pictures so I guess that just means that you'll all have to make a trip to Maine to see it! I love it so much and know the love that went in to each stitch. I stop and stare at it every time I'm down there! Thank you again so much, Cheryl!


  1. You know, any time you look at a quilt made with that much love, the miracles just sink deeper into your cells...drink it in and feel the warmth!
    Very best wishes for health and happiness,

  2. Your foyer looks beautiful, Cheryl did a great job.Mom

  3. Your foyer looks beautiful, Cheryl did a great job.Mom

  4. Sue Snelling said:

    Nancy, the quilt is beautiful. What a wonderful gift!

  5. hi, the quilt is beautiful, what a nice surprise! the detail is visable also. keep up good work. seems to be an ideal spot to show the quilt! luv, a.marion