Monday, February 9, 2009's always something!

I finally have a few minutes to update this blog...time seems to get away from me. Wanted to let everyone know that Mom has been at Maine Medical Center since Thursday recovering from an episode of chest pain and shortness of breath. I didn't post sooner because we didn't have a diagnosis yet. Mom called 911 early Thursday morning after a very difficult night. Talk about being thoughtful...she waited to call until 6:30 a.m. so she wouldn't wake us girls up! (Yes...we already told her NOT to be so thoughtful if this happens right away!) The heart and lung doctors consulted and ran a number of tests on Thursday and Friday and decided to keep her for the weekend so that she would be more stable should they have to do a procedure this week. As it turns out, they do not think that she had a heart attack but are keeping her there to be sure she is well enough to go home...maybe tomorrow. Hopefully she will get some rest and they can prevent this from happening again. I know Mom is anxious to get home and see Tabby (her cat) again...they miss each other. I'll update the blog when she is discharged and we know more.

In "other news"...Andi and Katy, her youngest daughter, just returned from a week in Arizona visiting Kelly, Kevin and Andi's new grandson, James. The early report is that Andi looks great after a week in the sun and that the baby is big and beautiful. I'm sure she will be posting photos soon.

Nancy is feeling well and had a busy weekend helping her son, Kit, and his wife, Erin with their booth at the Portland RV Show this weekend. Kit has his own RV rental business, Destinations RV Rentals. You can find their site on the web at . Nancy's job was to "stage" the RVs and what a job she did! Outside the RVs, there was a campfire surrounded by everything you would need to make S'mores (Hank tried to eat a marshmallow from the display but I wouldn't let him...too much like George in a bad Seinfeld episode), camp chairs, coolers, a bicycle, pails and shovels, and even a boat. Nancy had strung a clothesline between the two RVs and hung bathing suits on it...just like a real campsite...really cute...even with Nancy's old WalMart bathing suit hanging there:-) Inside the RVs, Nancy had placed family photos, baskets of food, table settings and comfy pillows to make the RVs look like home...a great job. There were even books open next to the beds. Kit and Erin report that the show was great for their business - they even sold one RV - so guess all of the staging helped!

And last of all, today is Takanori's 5th birthday. He had a big party yesterday for 30 people and this morning his Mom got up at 5:30 a.m. to make cupcakes for his class at school. Taka was very excited when Mom, Dad and Toshi came to school for his birthday too. When we called tonight and asked Taka what he got for his birthday, he told us that he "can't tell us until we come to Brooklyn" I guess we'll have to wait to find out. Tomo did say that our package arrived during the week but she told Taka that he would have to wait until his birthday to open he kissed the carton!


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