Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Ode to Winter

I got this yesterday from my friend, Karen Westerberg, the librarian at school. This says it all for me! I've had enough of this winter-anyone agree?

An ode to Winter

It is winter.
It has always been winter.
It will always be winter.
Spring will never come.
Spring is not for us.
Spring is for the privileged.

It has just snowed.
It has always just snowed.
If it has not snowed, it is going to snow.
Snow is evil.

It is cold.
It will always be cold.
It has always been cold.
Warmth will never visit here.
Warmth fears cold.

It is gloomy.
It will always be gloomy.
It has always been gloomy.
Warmth will never visit here.
When skies are not gloomy, it is cold.
And cold begets snow.

It is depressing.
It will always be depressing.
It has always been depressing.
We are trapped in a Russian novel.
There is only dark mood.

It is winter.
It has always been winter.
It will always be winter.
Will it never concede?
Will it never end?


--Jim Shea


  1. Got this comment at home e-mail from Roger Snelling and the following one from Sue Snelling--welcome to the blog!

    Hi Nancy:

    I hope that you are doing well and that life is treating you kindly.

    I have had enough winter but I realize that Spring is a little more than a month away and at that time I'll be 89 years old. At that age you appreciate each approaching day and thank God that you have lived this long, as difficult as it sometimes is.

    "As eternity is reckoned there is a lifetime in a second" so live each second as though it is the last second of your life.

    Laus Deo


  2. Hi Nancy,

    I was feeling this way 2 months ago!!!!! Think Summer!

    Sue Snelling