Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kristen did great today!

Kristen had ankle surgery today (fractured tibia) at MMC and did a great job! She is a lot braver than her mother...I needed Hank and Nancy there to hold me up while Kristen just smiled right through it. Her blue teddy bear got a hospital ID bracelet just like hers and, when we met Kristen back in the recovery room, her bear's left leg had been bandaged up in the operating room, just like hers. Thanks to Dr. Barr, Julie from Casa, and everyone at the MMC Surgical Center for a job well done!


  1. So glad both she and Blue Bear did so well today! She's a trooper! I hope her pain is under control today--love you, Krissy!

  2. So happy to hear that Kristen did so well through it all! She's in the best family for love and support! You've all been so strong and caring to one another, certainly not just this year, but especially this year! Hope you can enjoy the upcoming holidays together. Ellen

  3. ditto, good recovery for kristen. and blue bear. luv, a. marion