Monday, December 7, 2009

Tree Hunt 2009

Every year (20+), Hank and I drive up to Scott's Tree Farm in Waldoboro to cut down our Christmas Tree. Saturday was the "big day" this year.
Here's our tree "before"...that's Scott holding the tree while Hank does the honors with the saw.
After walking through the woods in the cold, we stopped for the traditional lunch at Moody's diner.
And here is the tree all decorated and ready for another Christmas. Now it's on to getting the cards written, the gifts wrapped, the house picked up, the cookies baked...does the fun ever end?
p.s. Today marks four weeks since Mom was first admitted to MMC. All of the cards she has received have really cheered her up. Mom is getting stronger every day with all of the physical and occupational therapy she is receiving at New England Rehab. Hospital. She looks so much better than she did! After all she has been through, I know she is really looking forward to being in her own home for Christmas.

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