Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Going to Get You, My Pretty!

That must be what Nancy's T.V. was thinking before it flung itself out of the wall cabinet Tuesday night and landed on Nancy! What next???

Seems Aaron had gone to bed and Nancy was staying up late watching TV on the couch. She got up to turn the TV a bit to see it better and - you got it - out it came - crashing to the floor and pinning her left leg. One trip to the E.R. later, Nancy is on crutches with rug burns on her face and broken glasses but, thank God, no broken leg. Could this have happened to anyone else???

This morning, Nancy hobbled into the Maine Women's Cancer center on her crutches for the second weekly infusion of her new chemo drug, Topotecan. Before the chemo could begin, the doctor decided that she needed a blood transfusion as yesterday's blood work indicated that she is anemic again. She finally got home late this afternoon and was resting when I left. Between the swollen left knee, the cockeyed glasses, and the chemo, I think Nancy is doing well to be hanging in there like she is.

Nancy's goal this week is to make it to her 40th Kennebunk High School reunion on Saturday. The class of 1970 would surely be disappointed if the head cheerleader didn't make it. Knowing Nancy, she'll rally and be the life of the party. "Give me a K...!!!"


  1. I love this picture. How appropriate. Nancy is just followed by a little black cloud I've always said. Did Cheryl say this was a huge old TV, non flat screen, about 40" by 40" and surely weighing more than Nancy. It also was above her waist in the cabinet. Ouch! She takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

  2. I'll be praying that Nancy no only makes it to the reunion but feels well and has an AWESOME time. Love you Nanc.

  3. from Karen Westerberg:
    Your sister has to have a sign on her that says "HIT ME!"
    What next??? And why is it always Nancy???

  4. Cheryl, thanks so much for adding me to the e mail postings. I only met Nancy a couple times but she is one of those really special people that you feel you have always known. I am praying for her and am so impressed by how she has dealt w/ this, and how her fan base is rallied around her, Keep up the good work! Sarah in Chicago

  5. from Aunt Marion Armstrong:

  6. "I think I can, I think I can...I knew you could." That picture really made me smile as I thought back to some your antics at WES...did I really say that word? Anyway its not funny and I am glad you are OK. Do you have any day that is easier to gettogether with you? I would love to visit if you sre up to it? Ann