Friday, September 3, 2010

A Nancy Update: Friday 9/3/2010

A Nancy update
Nancy is still at MMC. Aaron has taken the week off to be with her as much as possible.

She has received several blood transfusions and is very fatigued. Nancy is scheduled to have both of her ureter stents replaced today in surgery. Hopefully this will make her feel better. Aaron has just reported to me that Nancy’ surgery is already over and was successful. The kidneys show no sign of tumors! Yeah!!!

For any of you who have not seen Nancy lately, she is also now a twig, with no meat on her bones. This is something the Stunning Smith Sisters would normally love, however, I now wish I could now give some of my extra poundage to Nancy. She has donated her "fat clothes" to me.

Nancy is trying to keep up her humor, despite a horrid roommate who will not share the bathroom and has Nancy going down the hall to shower and use the toilet.

Nancy needs our prayers to give her the strength to keep fighting and to stay strong. Please take a minute today to think of her.

She must be so tired of fighting this battle for 5 years. I know I couldn't handle this like she has. Guess we really can learn how to live from our "Little Sister". She is my hero.

Nancy will likely still be in the hospital through some of the weekend. Her number at MMC is 207-662-7701.

Nancy, you are my best friend, my childhood roommate and sparring partner, and I will love you forever. Keep fighting and eat!(as if Mom hasn't called to tell you to eat enough this week).



  1. Nancy,you are my hero too! You have been in my thoughts and I will pray that your strength increases daily. Stay strong & keep fighting! We love you! Laura

  2. Andi,
    Thank you so much for keeping the blog going...I love how you write! Hank and I join you in sending Nancy our prayers for an end to the nausea and a speedy exit from MMC.
    Hope you'll keep adding your "voice" to the blog.