Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dr. Hope

When Nancy was in the hospital a week or so ago, it was hard to know what to bring her to cheer her up…her chart said “NPO” (nothing by mouth) and the scent of the lilies I brought her made her nauseous (leave it to me!). So off we went to “Build-a-Bear” in the Mall to try another idea. My four-year old grandson, Takanori, agreed to help. And although bears are cute, Nancy loves cats so that gave us an idea. I asked Taka if he would build a special stuffed cat for Aunt Nancy and, after it was stuffed and fluffed, we dressed it in a doctor’s outfit and named it “Dr. Hope” (Sorry, Dr. Small!). Taka’s mom, Tomomi, and our newest grandson, Toshinori, helped too. So here is “Dr. Hope” being stuffed, fluffed, combed and puffed, especially for Aunt Nancy. She loved it…and so did her oncologist, Dr. Small, who, after seeing Nancy’s at the hospital, took her own daughter to Build-a-Bear that very weekend to make one herself. Thanks, Taka!

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  1. Thank you, Taka, for making me such a beautiful cat, Dr. Hope! I love him very much! Aunt Nancy