Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No chemo today

Nancy went to the oncologist today at 9:00 and was supposed to have chemo at 10:30. As you know from previous posts, Nancy has had a really rough time this past week - the side effects from last Tuesday's chemo have been significant and have just not let up. As a result, she's not been able to eat or sleep well and has mouth sores from the Gemzar. It's been difficult for her to remain positive when she's been feeling so crummy...for so long. As she reminded the doctor today, she hasn't felt well since July 16th, almost the whole summer. She's done well to hold it together as well as she has. I know that sometimes she is really trying to hold it together for all of us - all the people who love her - and that in itself hard.
Because she has been so sick, the doctor decided that it would not be wise to put Nancy through more chemo this morning. Instead, the focus of the next week will be for Nancy to get more rest and to improve her nutritional status so that she will be stronger and more able to "fight" next week. The doctor will check her again next Tuesday and decide at that time when to restart the chemo.
Nancy looked a little more comfortable this afternoon and was enjoying some sun on the deck. I think that she enjoyed having Aaron home today to be with her and was looking forward to a little break from chemo this week. Hopefully by the next time she drags her "chemo bag" over to Scarborough, she'll be feeling a lot stronger.

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