Sunday, August 24, 2008

Interesting Article

Joanne just sent me this article from the Boston Globe; thought I would share it. (If you double click over the article, it will enlarge so you can read it.) The essence of the article is that "Cancer Blogs" are becoming a popular way for patients and families to "vent and update loved ones". It mentions that "studies on the healing effects of writing are abundant" and that people undergoing cancer treatment can look back over their blog entries and say, "Look what I've come through". According to the article, these blogs "allow cancer patients and caregivers to give frequent updates without fielding dozens of phone calls, but they also provide an emotional outlet." One leukemia patient was quoted as saying that, "It's been great for me because when you're sick, it's tough to reach out to your friends individually...with this, you write one message and people respond with all these really beautiful's really uplifting."
So...we'll keep writing these entries and hopefully, you'll keep reading them and posting positive comments for Nancy to read.

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