Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Have you seen John McCain?

OK, so once again Hank and I are at odds over who should be elected President this year. Last Saturday morning, look who appeared (thanks to Hank and his son, Rob) on our lawn next to my Obama sign! But sadly, Senator McCain disappeared sometime Saturday afternoon. I dissuaded Hank for calling the Falmouth Police to report the theft ("Hello, Officer, someone has stolen my life size cardboard cutout of John McCain and I want it back?") but he remains undeterred in is quest to find the missing Senator. We've started a list of probable suspects in the disappearance: we know it's not Nancy because she hasn't been able to leave the house, but who? an angry Hillary supporter? a local realtor who would like to sell McCain a house? a suburban housewife who is an underground member of move on.org.? a car full of Democrats on the way to Denver? At any rate, Hank wants it back and soon, for sure, will have his good friend, Bernie (our favorite detective friend who never seems to detect anything) on the case. Hank is even considering offering a reward (a bushel of zucchini from his garden). So...have you seen John McCain? Hank wants him back so that our landscaping will once again be "balanced".

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