Friday, July 24, 2009

Good News

Nancy had her monthly check-in with her oncologist on Wednesday and the news is good:-) The results of her recent CT scan show no changes and her CA125 blood level remains in the normal range at 22.'s to continued remission! She continues to take the "hedgehog drug" as part of a clinical trial to prolong remission and, other than a few side effects, this is also going well. Since Nancy basically lost last summer, it's nice to see her out and able to enjoy this one ...when the sun occasionally decides to come out here in Maine! So...good new to share today.

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  1. hi, i think you had more fun in the craft room than at the beach this week.. i know all about keepsakes. still have my e. r. & cardiac books, don't know when i'll get to use them, but good reminder that i was there a bit of my life. good news from the ca testing. enjoy your summer & retirement nancy. luv, a. marion