Monday, July 13, 2009

Smith Family Cousin's Reunion

Last winter, as a result of Cheryl starting this blog, the "girl" cousins started posting one another and finally one weekend Maureen and Kathy came up for a weekend. Cheryl, Andi, Joanne, Maureen, Kathy, Sue Snelling and I had a great time reminiscing and watching old family movies taken by Grampa Smith, my Dad, and Roger Snelling. That led to posting of pictures taken over the weekend, more posts and the idea of having a full blown cousin reunion this summer. Brian stepped up and volunteered Aunt Ann's summer house on the beach and the planning began. This Saturday the fun began at noon and lasted for hours...why did we wait so long?
The day dawned bright and sunny--a near miracle given the weather we've had this summer! All of the children of Fred, Arthur and Eddie Smith were in attendance as well as most spouses, many children, and Aunt Ann and Bob, and Aunt Barbara and Uncle Eddie. We had a GREAT meal in a tent set up on the lot next to Ann's house (ham of course was one of the offerings--as Brian said would it be a Smith get together without a ham?) There were lots of funny memories and stories shared, some tears shed and a few "speeches". Perhaps as a result of the genetic connection to Grampa Smith, a bit of the blarney was thrown in, but I can't swear to it! We voted to decide which version of the "how Grammy and Grampa met" story was true Maureen's or mine-we finally left it up to Uncle Eddie to decide, but he wouldn't commit! We discussed know that each of us felt we "knew" we were Grampa's favorite and all realized that this should have happened years ago. Andi gave Uncle Eddie a letter she'd come across in her genealogy work, that our Dad had written to him while he was in the service with some stripes to sew on his sweater. Better late than never, Uncle Ed!
Dessert was served in the tent also with a big cake to celebrate both Stevie's 50th birthday and his son's 17th. Steve even posted for a retake of a baby photo complete with a ball. All during the day the old videos ran and we laughed at the same old funny family memories. Then we finally posed for a retake of the last time we were all together for Easter dinner at Aunt Barb and Uncle Ed's in about 1965. We all lined up in the same order and I think we all look better (I know at least my hair does!) It was a great day!
Because Cheryl's away camping, and I'm not as good as she is at blogging and inserting pictures in the text, I'll end this entry and then post some of the pictures we took. Please post some of yours as well, we really need to share them. Thank you Brian for getting the ball rolling, many, many thanks Aunt Ann and Bob for hosting and doing so much work for all of us to be able to enjoy this day and to everyone who is part of my family- I love you all~ Nancy

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu

Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family. ~Anthony Brandt

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  1. Great pictures....Nancy, are you sure you didn't have a side job all these years?? You look pretty good wrapped aroung the pole...or were you holding on to it for dear life??!!!! Had to tell!! Sorry Aunt Alice couldn't make it. It was great seeing everyone, we had a great time! Thanks again to Aunt Ann and Bob...