Friday, April 23, 2010

Disney Fun Then Back to Reality

Last week, Aaron and I spent a gorgeous week in Florida at Disney World. We hadn't been in 20 years and decided to spend my last week before chemo again for my recurrence having fun. We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort in the village of Martinique, and the weather was super! Every day was in the high seventies or low eighties and sunny. We spent most days at a park in the morning and then returned to the resort for some pool time, and back to another park for the evening. We walked miles and miles, but it was great. At Epcot the month of April is also the Epcot flower and garden show and if you know how Disney does nothing on a small scale, you can only imagine how gorgeous it was. It's taken a while to find which pictures to put with this post--Aaron loves to document every moment of our trips, so we came home with over 900 pictures to go through!
Here are a few favorites...

And now to the not so much fun part--Thursday I began my new course of chemo called Doxil. It's a new one for me, but so far so good. The biggest side effect beside the usual fatigue and nausea is hand and foot syndrome. This causes blisters and the peeling of the skin from your palms and soles of your feet most commonly, but can occur anywhere on the body, even the inside of your mouth. Sounds like fun huh? So far nothing-so keep your fingers crossed. In order to help prevent it, they tie ice packs around during the chemo--talk about cold! The blood work up also showed that I'm anemic again, and I returned from Florida looking about 5 months pregnant! They sent me for an ultrasound this morning, and it appears to be something called ascities, which is a large collection of fluid that collects in the abdomen--of course my oncologist is on vacation until Monday, so I'm not sure how they will deal with all this new news, but I think all in all Disney was better than home! Maybe I should have stayed! Enjoy your weekend! Love, Nancy


  1. Love the Disney photos, glad you got to go!

  2. Hello Nancy These photos are beautiful and I love the "firework photo" too. We are always thinking about you.. Tomo

  3. Hi Nancy Love the photos! Did you get to Its a small world for me. I could just stay in there and look and look at the details. Hope the nasty side effects stay away. Can't wait to see you at Big Daddys. Ann

  4. Nancy, great pictures! It looks like you had some well-deserved fun! Dylan especially likes the one of you with the astronaut. He asked, "Is Miss Nancy on the moon?" and proceeded to ask you to get him a moon rock if you were. So glad you are home now and hope that you are starting to feel a little better. Sending you hugs and prayers! :)Laura B.