Sunday, April 25, 2010

the Hobbit House

Yesterday was a big day in the "Wizard's Forest"...the Hobbit House was delivered. Our enchanted forest already has a troll bridge and a fishing hole but we decided it needed a forest playhouse. We have to paint and decorate it, of course, but, when it is done, we can't wait for Taka and Toshi to come to Maine and try it out! Our old friend, Jean ("Gino"), built the house for us and brought it to Winn Farm on a big flatbed truck. Here are some pictures of Jean and Hank setting up the house.

We named the playhouse "Hobbit House" and positioned it facing the troll bridge!

View of Hobbit House from the troll's bridge...

View of Hobbit House from Taka' fishing hole... "Nanny" is already coming up with a list of furnishings for the house...chairs, a mailbox, a door..."Grampy" will have a lot to do before Taka and Toshi come to Maine again! Robert and Brian were a big help getting the woodchips down and the forest ready for the delivery of the playhouse. We think their little sister, who is due in July, will like playing in the house someday too. So, Taka and Toshi...if you are reading this...hope you like your new house!

I may have gotten a little carried away with our Wizard's Forest theme...added a little "faerie house" too! (The sign says, "Please don't step on the faeries".)

Just after Jean left yesterday, Andi and Dave came to the door. It was Andi's first "outing" since her surgery two weeks ago. Dave said that Andi was bored after two weeks in bed and, since it was a nice day, he took her out for a ride. She is still sore but is hanging in there. It was nice to see her out.
About as half hour after Andi and Dave arrived, Joanne and Mark were at the door! They had come up to see Mom and deliver our last two trees from New Hampshire for the Wizard's forest.
Hank and I don't often get visitors...maybe because our house is off the main we were really excited to see everyone. Our daughter-in-law, Wendy dropped in shortly after Joanne and Mark so it turned into an unexpected party. The only one missing was Nancy who is resting after chemo on Thursday...just talked with major side effects so far other than far, so good.
Time to end this before the "Wizard" gets home from his tennis match...lots more work to do on "Hobbit House" while the weather is nice...

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