Friday, April 23, 2010

Joanne's House

Hank and I took a quick trip to New Hampshire this week to buy some trees for our yard and spent the night with Joanne and Mark. Thought you might enjoy seeing their's in a very private setting in the woods in Londonderry. They planted this tree in front and now it is full bloom when we were there.

Our trees are loaded thanks to Hank and Mark...two nice Blue Spruce (the other two are still in NH...we underestimated the size of Hank's truck!)
I loved the signpost Joanne painted for the backyard...the signs point to all of their favorite places: K'Port, Bermuda, Peak's Island, Bretton Woods. Mexico, Sanat Fe, Tuscon, Boston, The Old Port, and Santa Fe. (I liked this so much that I'm planning one for our yard...imitation being the greatest form of flattery and all that!)

Joanne collects all things southwestern, especially Mexican folk art pieces. This is her little Mexican altar; she collects the feathers and places them there in honor of people who have passed away.
Joanne definitely inherited Mom's artistic/home decorating gene. Here is her growing collection of handmade Mexican crosses. I love how the display just keeps going...

Hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we enjoyed getting away for a night. My favorite part?
Scorpian Bowls and Limoncello at the San Francisco Kitchen. Thanks, Jo & Mark!

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