Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Brave Sister

Nancy started her chemotherapy today with her first infusion of Doxil. (This is the last time she will have to put up with the nurses poking around for time she will have her port.) She did well except for freezing on the way home from all the ice packs she had to have on her hands and feet during the chemo. Hopefully the side effects of this new drug will be brief.

I love this photo of Nancy. It was taken at Disney World last week when Nancy and Aaron went on their "we deserve a trip before another round of chemo begins" vacation to Florida. Hang in there, Nancy...we all love you!

p.s. Did I mention how proud I am to be your sister?


  1. Good show Nancy. Feel better

  2. Your ordeal has touched so many. Hang in there. I know you sometimes wonder if your blog is read - it is. My thoughts are with you. Barbara Smith (Cheryl's friend)