Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Goblin with Donkey Teeth?

Stopped in to see Nancy early this morning on my way to work. When I got there at 6:30, Joanne, Kit, Erin and two nurses were in the room with Nancy....all red-faced from laughing. When I asked what I had missed, Erin said there was a "side issue". Apparently, after a pump or two of morphine, Nancy decided that one of the legs of her IV stand resembled a goblin with donkey teeth! She said it with such a straight face that there apparently were howls of laughter, with Nancy joining in as soon as she realized what she had said. As I was hearing the story about the goblin with donkey teeth, in came a resident with a picture of a goblin she had printed off of Google and Nancy said, "Ya...that looks like it but the teeth need to be bigger". Next thing we know, another nurse came in with a print-out of a very Shrek-like set of donkey teeth for Nancy's careful inspection. Once Nancy agreed that the teeth were correct, the whole Goblin got taped to Nancy's wall amid howls of laughter from Kit & Erin, stunning Smith sisters, and Gibson staff alike. It was so good to see Nancy laugh and to belly-laugh with her again. She has always been the one to bring laughter to our lives and continues to do so even now.

Nancy had a liter and a half of fluid drained from around her lungs yesterday so is more comfortable breathing today...that is a relief to see. Kit and Erin have been spending every night at the hospital with her and last night Joanne stayed as well. Tonight is my turn. The staff at Gibson have been so amazing and so kind to Nancy. Her night nurse, Addy, actually came in to hug her goodbye at shift change at 7:00 a.m.

Nancy's wall of cards and photos is growing every day and she really appreciates everyone's thoughts and prayers. Kit brought Mom in again yesterday and she spent a long time just being with with Nancy. Joanne brought Nancy a book about the cats who live on Mt. Washington and read it aloud to her last night...beautiful story and illustrations. Nancy is surrounded with love right now and she is still giving it right back to all of us.


  1. thinking of you debie

  2. Please give Nancy my love, and tell her I am thinking and praying for her. Also give my love to Kit and Erin! Mitzi Coran

  3. Kelly Cagney
    Every person has 1000 wishes. A cancer patient has one: to get better. I know that 97% will not post this as their status, but I know that my friends will be one of 3% and put this as their status, at least for an hour, in honor of those who died because of cancer or are still fighting it. I love you Nancy! Keep Fighting!
    about an hour ago ·Kelly

  4. Nancy, you are forever in my heart.

  5. We all will remember your courage and love and happiness you shared with everyone. peace to family and friends.