Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Good Night & A New Room

Nancy had a good night last night and is resting comfortably this morning. Right now, she is visiting with two friends from her church, Donna and the pastor's wife, Beth. Nancy gave a big smile as soon as she saw them. I have found a quiet little reading room on the floor to sneak away to so that Nancy can have some private "visitor time". Kit is grabbing his first cup of coffee and some Tony's donuts, a perq of the MMC cafeteria, and Erin is making some phone calls.
Last night, Nancy moved to a NEW ROOM, #556. It is just to the right of the nurse's station in the section of Gibson she has been in all along. The new room is much larger and has a beautiful view of Portland looking to the west. Nancy's NEW PHONE # is 662-7698.
Nancy had a pretty comfortable day yesterday. Hank brought Mom in for a visit in the morning and, in the afternoon, Nancy saw Pastor Scott, Lisa from EastPoint Church, Betsy Seavey, Andi and, of course Aaron, Kit and Erin. I hope I haven't left anyone out. Her new room looks really cheerful and is full of flowers and cards. She received roses from Joanne and Mark and a big bouquet of balloons from Joanne Sizemore and Claudia Dalton that are floating right above her bed.
Nancy has always been a "night person" and last night was no exception. This morning, at about 1:00 a.m., Nancy decided that she wanted to go for a walk. She said she was "sick of being in the room" and wanted "out". So, with the help of Nancy's nurses, we packed up the IV pole and oxygen tank, loaded Nan into a wheelchair, and headed down the hall to surprise Kit (Nancy's idea:-) We "snuck" past the second nurses station (wink*wink*) and took a long walk. Nancy told the nurses at the last nurses station we passed to look for her IV pole along the side of the road:=) After our adventure in the wheelchair, the nurses offered Nancy the larger room so, at 2:00 a.m., she moved. After she was settled in 556, Nancy finally was ready to sleep and slept well until this morning.
I know that Nancy appreciates everyone's cards, visits, thoughts and prayers...she says so all the time...so I'll pass that on to all of you this morning on her behalf. Love you all...


  1. The love and prayers are coming steady from Chgo. It is great weather and very clear here. If any prayers decide to stay over water they know it's OK. If they head up the St Lawrence Seaway til they hit salt water the instructions are to then turn 'right' to go downeast to MMC. Lemme know if the spiritual GPS needs any fine tuning but I'm pretty sure they are getting there:-) ooxxox

  2. I just heard that you were in the hospital. You are so loved and I only wish that the collective love and strength of your friends and family could be used to whisk you away, feeling better, and home. Glad to see that you managed to "cause some trouble" last night. Your spirit, sense of humor, and heart seem to always shine through. Your bravery and love remind us all to make the best out of every moment. Sending love, strength, and prayers from my heart to yours. Love you. - Laura Burrill

  3. From a Close Friend,

    My love and strenght goes out to you and with all my strongest prayers.We have had many many funny days and have shared tears. I couldn't ask for more of a friend then you.I'm glad to know that I had a part of you finding the Lord and going to Church and Bible studies.My prayers will be with you and may you feel the arms of God wrapped around you and give you rest and piece. Love you so much. Nancy Whitman