Friday, November 5, 2010

Morning Update

I know that everyone is wondering how Nancy is doing so thought I'd post a quick update this morning. She has had a rough few days since my last post.
Yesterday they scheduled her for a CT scan and she showed her typical sense of humor by asking Kit to put her "black cat" Halloween socks on her....she wanted to wear cat socks to the "cat" scan. Yup, that's Nancy!
Nancy got a beautiful flower arrangement yesterday from the "Gold Bond Girls" and Nancy Whitman from Wells Elementary School...just gorgeous! They are right on her bedside tray. I know she misses all of her WES and Gold Bond friends a lot. I heard that some of you would like to visit her and think she would like to see old friends when she feels up to it. I'd suggest you call her first at 662-7706 just to be sure she is up for visitors, or check in with Aaron at 775-7290.
Off to work...more later...

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  1. Hi Cheryl Hi Nancy Cheryl thanks for keeping us updated. Nancy I check every day and love how your special sense of humor kicks in even when you are down. I leave on Tuesday for Julies and will stay through Christmas. Her surgery is Nov 10th. I see a lot of strength in her like you have. Prayers that you get back home soon Nanc but not until they have that pain under control. Please keep the blog up when you can Cheryl. It means alot to many of us. Ann