Sunday, May 9, 2010

How's Nancy?

In a recent Comment, one of our blog followers, Ann from Australia, asked how Nancy is. It reminded me that I've been remiss in letting everyone know how Nancy is doing. Here's an update as I understand it - I'm sure Nancy will jump in if there is more she wants to add.
Most of last week, Nancy was pretty nauseous and fatigued from the Doxil but, thankfully, she did not get the skin side effects she was warned about. Today, Mother's Day, she seemed to be feeling much better and back to her old self. The one problem she is having at this time is the ascites (fluid collecting in the abdomen). This has become very uncomfortable and she said that the plan is for the doctors to do an ultrasound and then drain the ascites either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. They do this on an out-patient basis by tapping into the abdomen to drain the fluid.

This Thursday, May 13th, Nancy is scheduled for day surgery at Maine Medical Center to determine whether she has a blockage in her urethra and, if so, to relieve it. Her surgery is scheduled for 9:15 and I have taken a medical day to be with her for that.

She will barely have time to rest up before another day surgery next Tuesday, May 18th to place a port in her upper chest area so that she can receive chemo directly rather than through an IV. Aaron plans to be with her that day.

And then, on or about Thursday, the 20th, Nancy is scheduled for her second infusion of Doxil. Not exactly a fun-packed couple of weeks!

In spite of all of this, Nancy was well enough to sing the vocals today on Beatle's "Guitar Hero"...she's amazing! I'll post some photos of our Mother's Day silliness later in the week (when I get my camera back..left it at the party, of course:-)

Nancy will be a 5-year Cancer Survivor on the 23rd of this month!!!

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