Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update from MMC

Writing from Nancy's room...Aaron brought her laptop to the hospital. It's almost 9:00 p.m., Survivor is on, and Kit and Erin are here. Nancy has had a rough day...she has been struggling with nausea, her shoulder is still sore from the insertion of the port yesterday, and she had to have a transfusion today due to her anemia. I feel terrible that she's so uncomfortable right now.
Nancy did have a lot of visitors today and that has helped keep her cheered up. Erin brought Mom in this afternoon and they stayed for a couple of hours. Sherrill Weisman and Barbara Stirk, teacher friends from Wells Elementary School, were in this afternoon. A highlight for Nancy was when some of Aaron's Falmouth Lions Club friends, the LaJoie's, brought their therapy dog, a golden retriever named Ruby, to see Nancy. Ruby jumped right up on Nancy's bed and cuddled with her. This evening, Mark and Lisa Atkinson from EastPoint Church came to visit and, while they were here. roses were delivered from Rob, Tomo, Taka and Toshi. I know Nancy appreciates everyone's thoughtfulness.
Nancy has dozed off ... hope she can finally get some sleep. If you'd like to leave a Comment, I'll be sure that Nancy sees it in the morning.
Please keep Nancy in your prayers tonight...


  1. How long are you staying in the hospital, Nancy?

  2. Becky Driscoll and I will be coming to see Nancy this afternoon - probably between 4:30 and 5:00. I just want everyone to know that her Relay For Life family has been thinking of her and keeping her, and Aaron and her whole family in our thoughts and prayers.

    Nancy is an inspiration! She may not know it, but her positive attitude and her bright shining spirit reflects into those around her. Our hearts beat strong with love for her. We are sending positive thoughts and energy her way. We are here to be your strength Nancy. We are all a part of your Tufts Teal Warriors. We are your Relay family, but most importantly your friends that love you dearly!

    Dawn Emery