Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nancy on Mothers' Day

I wanted to post these photos of Nancy (and her "Groupie", Kristen) on Sunday...maybe it was the Beatles Guitar Hero that wore her out!

Aaron called this evening to say that Nancy's oncologist, Dr. Laurie Small, was in after I left today and feels very hopeful about getting Nancy back into remission. They will be doing minor surgery tomorrow to place the port in Nancy's upper chest. Ending the day on a much happier note than yesterday!

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  1. from cousin Kathy "Smith" Korzeb:
    Maureen called me and told me that you two spoke. Please tell Nancy I'm thinking of her, and she's in my prayers! She is strong, and hopefully now that they've relieved some of her discomfort, she'll perk back up soon and play guitar hero for the rest of the family!!