Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nancy is home

Nancy was released from MMC late yesterday afternoon to continue her recovery at home. She will have visiting nurses checking in on her and giving her any medication she needs. She says she is feeling OK right now and just intends to take it easy and rest. I think she really wanted to get home so I'm glad the doctors were able to make that happen. If all goes well, she will have her second infusion of Doxil in Scarborough this coming Thursday, the 20th.

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  1. Hey Nancy....I'm glad you were able to leave the hospital...I'm sure you will feel MUCH better being in your own home!! You rest, watch some Dr. Phil and Oprah, that will certainly put you on your feet fast! I told my dad you were in the hospital (he'd know this himself if he knew what a blog was!), you are in his thoughts. Hang in there and get strong...we need another cousin's weekend!!