Monday, August 23, 2010

Got Fruit?

We have so many peaches on our trees this year that the branches are literally breaking. Hank has propped them up with 2 x 4's until we can pick more of the fruit. The weather has been very warm and sunny this summer so the peaches are early...and abundant. If you stop by, bring some bags and plan to pick!
Hank has already canned almost 50 jars of peaches. They'll taste great when the snow is flying in January!
The apples are not far behind...they are really early this year too...almost ready!


  1. Can you ship a bunch to Brooklyn?

  2. you can go into a big business! i'll take a half dozen also, peaches i mean.

  3. We sure have enough peaches to go around...shipping them to Brooklyn and Meriden might be a challenge though:-)