Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Back to MMC for Nancy

Just wanted to let everyone know that Nancy is back in Maine Medical Center. She was admitted yesterday through the ER with a multitude of symptoms and in quite a bit of pain which, stoic as she is, she had tried to live with since last Thursday. At first we thought that maybe one of her kidney stents had become dislodged but that is not the case. Seems she has a really bad urinary tract infection that may have spread to her blood; that will be ruled in or out after 48-72 hours. In the meantime, she is resting comfortably now (thanks to pain meds) and is receiving antibiotics through her port to kill off the infection. Both her oncologist, Dr. Small, and her urologst were in this morning and have assured her that this is not cancer related, so she is relieved. She doesn't want everyone to worry. She looks good, is comfortable and is resting in bed with her laptop and books. She'll need to take it easy and let the antibiotics do their work and then, hopefully, she'll be home again soon.

The doctors plan to replace her kidney stents, which is a routine procedure, but they will not do that until after the infection has completely cleared up...probably on an out-patient basis.

Nancy is in room 558A in the Gibson Paviliion; her bedside phone # is 297-662-7701.


  1. Nancy, sorry to hear this news. I'm glad to hear it's not related to the cancer. I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon, once the antibiotics kick in. Hang in there, rest and get well!!

    Love, Kathy

  2. from Karen C.:
    My thoughts and prayers are with her-give her my luv.


  3. Karen, Glad you got home safely and are still reading the blog. I'll tell Nancy you are thinking of her.
    Kathy, See you October 2nd...assuming Nancy is feeling well. Love to your Mom and Dad.

  4. Cousins weekend....wouldn't miss it!!! Nancy, neither can you, we need your laughs! Taking Dad to NY this weekend to see a Broadway Play....hopefully the hurricane won't hit on Saturday. Nothing worse than being in New York City with a retired man, with a plan, in the rain!! Been there, done that, but lately, he's more regimented than ever, so I don't plan on spending much time on the hair! Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!! :)


  5. I hope you are better now, Nancy. Am praying for you.