Thursday, August 26, 2010


Lots of short posts tonight. I know that many of you are wondering how Nancy is doing so thought I should update the blog. It has been two weeks since Nancy's last chemo and she is scheduled for her next one on September 9th, two weeks from now. The side effect that has been the most difficult for her is fatigue. She tries to do what she has to do in the morning because she is usually drained by afternoon and has to rest. It's amazing, though, how she manages to keep going through it all. She has visited Mom in the hospital almost every day and spends a lot of time after that reading and resting on the couch. She still holds her title as the family's best cook and manages to bake when she has the energy...this week she made Grammy Boocock's favorite cake recipe and brought it in to Mom. Nancy continues to make us laugh out loud with her stories...her resilience is amazing!


  1. Aunt Doris joins Nancy in fight against o. c. beginning tues. Q 3 weeks for 6

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. It is even more reason for everyone on the Boocock side of the family to be tested for the BRCA2 mutation. So far we have too many positive results: Nancy, Alice, Andi, Katy, Marion, Lynn, and now probably Doris. I'll be keeping Doris in my prayers as she begins chemo.