Sunday, August 29, 2010

On the Road to Texas

As many of you know, Hank is on the road to Texas. He left Thursday, August 26, and, with stops, plans to be there in time to pick me up at the airport in Dallas on the evening of Wednesday, September 1st. The "big event" - the delivery of our new (and long-awaited) Casita camper - will be on Thursday September 2nd. Then, Hank and I will begin the long drive back to Maine with our new Casita (the word "Casita" in Spanish means "little house"). We can't wait!
Hank stopped the first night in Pennsylvania, the second on the Virginia/West Virginia line, and the third (last night) in Nashville, Tennessee. Today he is taking a day off from driving to enjoy Nashville; he'll get back on the road to Dallas tomorrow, stopping overnight tomorrow (Monday) night in Little Rock, Arkansas.Hank has already called twice this mornng to share his excitement about being in Nashville. For those of you who don't know Hank very well, I should explain that he has always loved country music and knows all the words to the old country songs. (He keeps this pretty quiet but has has a good voice for country music; I love to hear him sing!) So...getting a chance to spend all day in Nashville today means a lot to him. The first time Hank called, he was at the Elvis Exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame.He just called again to say that he spent three hours at the Hall of Fame and loved it. This time, he was calling from B.B. King's Blues Club on Music Row. He was having a cup of gumbo, listening to live blues, and, I think pinching himself to make sure he was really there!

I'll try to add more "posts from the road" as Hank continues his journey and, with my laptop, as we drive home together through Arkansas, Tennessee, the Virginias, Pennsylvania, New York, and finally New England.

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  1. Good for you Hank. Do all the things that you enjoy. Would love to see some pictures from his travels. Have a safe trip Claudia