Friday, August 13, 2010


Nancy looked so sick in yesterday's photos (she was really just half-asleep), that I wanted to post a better one of her this she doesn't kill me!!!


  1. Thanks for posting one that doesn't look quite so bad, Cheryl--the ones from yesterday were pretty bad--course I was asleep when you had arrived and was barely awake when you took them!! For those who are wondering, the reason I'm so wrapped up in blankets even though it was warm yesterday is because during the infusion I have to have ice packs tied to my ankles and wrists for the whole time --I think you can see the arm ones in one picture-it is torture!! It gets soooo cold that I wrap myself up like a mummy! But I'll get through it--now I'll be asleep or sick :( for about the next 2 weeks--thanks to all for caring! Nancy

  2. Nancy, I thought you looked great in all the pics! It's the person you are inside that makes you who you are!! Have you guys seen me in the morning??? I think I look like a Cosmo girl!!! My husband thinks differently....but he better say I'm beautiful!!

    Love Kathy