Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chemo Tomorrow

Nancy had her blood work today and her white blood count is OK again so she will be able to have her chemo tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. She was kind of hoping that the chemo would be postponed as it has been a very rough week since the last infusion on Wednesday. She has been really sick with fatigue and nausea as well as aches and cramps from the neupogen shots. She hasn't been able to eat, which has only made her feel worse. Sunday was particularly bad but she got through it. Her neighbor, John Mullen, stopped by late Sunday to bring her a casserole. That was well-timed as John happens to be an oncological radiologist, and he checked her out and sat with her until she felt better. Today, Nancy is feeling a little better; hopefully the side effects from tomorrow's chemo will not be quite so bad as she will have only one drug rather than the combination she had last week. Once she gets through this round, she will have a week off to regain her strength. The six rounds of chemo should be done around Christmas and then Nancy should be back in remission and able to resume her life.

We're looking forward to a big family Thanksgiving here at Winn Farm this year. Rob, Tomomi, Taka and Toshi will arrive this Thursday for nine days...we can't wait to see them! Toshi is 18 months old now and Taka is four so it will be a lot of fun. On Thanksgiving Day, we'll be joined by the whole Smith and Lawson clan for dinner...all 16 of us and a 25 pound turkey! Since next week will be Nancy's week off from chemo, I hope she'll be able to eat her share of turkey and pumpkin pie. I'll keep everyone posted on how she makes out tomorrow.

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