Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taka's Busy Day

Taka spent a busy Saturday with Nanny and Grampy while Rob, Tomo and Toshi went to the wedding of Rob's friend, Zafra Whitcomb, where Rob was best man. We invited Brian along for the day to play with Taka. Taka loves buses and subways (he carries a stuffed subway car around wherever he goes) so we decided to take him for a ride on the #7 bus, the "Falmouth Flyer". We rode round-trip over the bridge to Portland and Taka loved it! When we got back to Falmouth, we went to the movies to see "Bolt" and ate a big box of Popcorn. Back at home, Taka, Brian and Hank made sea creatures out of PlayDoh and, as you can see, Hank entertained Taka by making PlayDoh snakes come out of his eyes...not sure who was having more fun. Then Taka halped make orange jello for our dessert. Everyone was very tired and, at bedtime, Brian read Taka stories until he fell asleep. It was a busy, busy day!

I just talked with Nancy and, aside from being tired, she is feeling better. She will be seeing the doctor tomorrow morning just to make sure that everything is OK. Joanne drove up yesterday and she and Mom went over to visit with Nancy for a little while in the afternoon.

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